Monday, October 24, 2011

I Felt Like a Failure...

So I had to fix it!

A year ago today 
I started a new project...  

It all started after I graduated from college and got married. Ready to start my new would-be career, I got pregnant right away, then again and again, having three babies in four years, landing myself a new career as a stay at home mom. 

But my kids were different from other kids... I brought them to church, we had rules, we were good parents, read all the books,  took the parenting classes, yet our kids did not respond like the others did. I would deploy them to timeout or their rooms, but they just didn't get it like other kids! There was no peace in my home... 

I felt like a failure as a parent.

As a health educator, I put them through the rigors of wholesome, nontoxic nutrition. It still didn't help. As a radiologic technologist, I brought our oldest child to a trusted colleague for a functional MRI exam that proved his brain did not work in a normal fashion. Indeed, he had hyperactivity in a part of his brain that caused the behaviors.

Aha! So medication was in order. 

I also took the kids through special therapies to improve their sensory and perceptual motor help them calm down and learn, because medicine did not do everything. However, after years of medication, hard work, creative parenting, underachievement, depressing teacher conferences, disappointment and pain...WE STILL HAD THE PROBLEM  and

I was worn out!

Have you ever asked yourself, "Where do I go from here?" Like when you are lost, overwhelmed, stuck, in a bad place, or just don't know what to do next because nothing is working for you? 

Maybe it's that stuff is working for you but you are working so hard it's killing you and the doctor says if you don't do something differently you're going to self-destruct? 

I was that person...

Becky Bassham
P.S. In my next post, I'll share with you what my doctor told me. (Ouch!)