Friday, April 20, 2012

Stress 1, Mel Gibson 0

Mel Gibson
Stress 1, Mel 0!
Stress won! OMG, do you think Mel lost it or what? Judging by the above video footage (click on link) it appears so...
Here's an example of what can happen when stress is allowed to build was the last straw for him.
Have you ever blown your top? I have! It's been a while though, because I paid attention to my body's cues that stress was getting to dangerously high levels (just go have lab work done!) I think Mel skipped this part. Have you?
Besides predisposing us to inappropriate behavioral outbursts such as the latest by MG, stress predisposes us to many health issues such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, depression, and even speeds the progression of HIV/AIDS. Exactly how stress causes and contributes to disease is a question of particular interest to researchers.
There are two likely pathways:
One is behavioral -- people under stress sleep poorly and are less likely to exercise; they adopt poor eating habits, smoke more and don't comply with medical treatment.
Stress also triggers a response by the body's endocrine systems, which release hormones that influence multiple other biological systems, including the immune system. Effects of stress on regulation of immune and inflammatory processes have the potential to influence depression, infectious, autoimmune, and coronary artery disease, and at least some (e.g., viral) cancers.

This video (link below) demonstrates how quickly, even at a young age, a person can become stressed. This also speaks to attachment issues.  

Stress increases your risk of developing disease but does not mean that just because you are exposed to stressful events you are going to get sick. I'm just pointing out that it behooves us to manage stress before it manages us!

So what's the take home here?
  • Take care of yourself
  • Manage your stress to prevent illness and/or raging, embarrassing outbursts of emotion!
  • Consider the effects of stress on interpersonal relationships
My gift to you today is a list of 101 Ways To Reduce Stress
And, of course, one of the most powerful ways to deal with stress and anxiety is by neurofeedback training! Check out my newly remodeled website... I put stress at the top of the home page because it is SO PREVALENT and SO CONNECTED to other health issues! 
(There are some way cool testimonials on there, too)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Does Your Pet Have Issues?

In my last post, I let you in on my secret brain tool...the p.ROSHI Neurodynamic Activator. 
A pair of glasses (there are four to choose from, actually) that flashes lights in a pattern that mimicshealthy brain activity. 

              Don't we all want to think better, feel better, and work better? 
     How about a little mental relaxation and being able to fall asleep easily at night? 

Well guess what? This device is not just for people, 
            it's even being used to help pets who have issues...

Does your pet have an issue? Like anxietystress, nervousness, PTSD, separation issues, aggression? Does your pet keep you awake at night?

Check out this amazing story of a woman who used the glasses to help her dog after it had a stroke...
Now here are a couple of my pet stories:
Meet Hobie, an 8 year old Boxer I adopted when he was 11 months old from the Western Arizona Humane Society in 2004. He had been abused and abandoned. He was quite edgy and highly distrusted any men, very skittish and would not go near strangers until he became very familiar with them over repeated visits. He made ME nervous because HE was always so nervous, pacing about the house in hypervigilance, even at night. So one day I had the idea that if these glasses could get ME to relax, maybe they would work on Hobie Dog.
I put the Magstim glasses over the top of his head. He gave me strange looks, then within minutes I felt his muscles relax. He sat down, heaved a sigh of relief, then laid down at my feet, closed his eyes, and rested peacefully for about 20 minutes! I did it again the next day, only he kept them on his head, I didn't have to hold them on...he liked it!
Well fast he is more relaxed, sleeps through the night, only takes a few minutes to warm up to new people! Everywhere I take him (just because I CAN now) people tell me what a great dog he is.Before, it was "What is wrong with that dog?" I even took the glasses with me to the vet in case he got nervous, he settled right down! The vet was amazed and now wants to try them on her own patients.
I also used them to help settle the horses. Last sumer Bo had a colic issue and was saved by emergency surgery. Ever since his return from the hospital he's been spooky and gets agitated easily, not like him. On advice from the p.ROSHI inventor, I put them in his stall at night and let the lights strobe on high so it looked like a disco in there. Lo and behold, both horses just stood and stared at the lights, heads hung low and relaxed, it put them to sleep! Well no more freaking out at stuff on the trail and they are getting along with one another much better now, whew!
There are a couple of funny cat stories, too...  I will post on my blog as soon as my friend sends me the photos we took (on her camera)...of this wild kitty taking a nap after being "Roshified!"
Well enough Dr. Doolittle stories! 
Sorry for the diversion, I just get so excited when I find things that make life better...I love to make a difference! Next time I will get back to nutrition and how it affects your brain health and all that stuff!  HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR TOPICS YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO COVER??? 

Also, please let me know if you have a pet who wants to try the glasses...or if YOU want to try them! Or your kids? My daughter's teacher called me a recently (Trust me, that old feeling came back, like, "oh no, what is it this time?" Have you ever gotten those bad calls from your child's teacher?) Only this time it was to ask me what we were doing because she is doing so much better in Spanish class! Her grade came up 10 points! Been getting A's on everything turned in since we tuned her up with the glasses and a couple more neurofeedback sessions. Life is good:)

Like a GPS for the brain, let the P.Roshi direct you to the 
meditative state of a Zen guru effortlessly!
For more info check out
See the stars trying them at the Golden Globes Gifting Suite!

Stay tuned for upcoming news from the Natural Products Expo...
including GMO, How do you know? Herbal Pharmacology, Andrew Weil's new book Be Happy Now, the latest from Dr. Michael Murray on stress, anxiety, and insomnia, and the hottest healthiest foods we found this year at the show!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Secret Tool

In my last post, I promised to let you in on my secret brain tool...this is it!

Do you wish you had a secret tool, like for when your brain is foggy and you need to think better? 
Or how about when your brain is going a hundred miles per hour thinking about all kinds of stuff when what you really need to do is get to sleep and stay asleep all night? 
     Imagine THIS...

A pair of glasses (there are four to choose from, actually) that flashes lights in a pattern that mimics healthy brain activity. Really! Your brain just follows the light and within a minute or two you experience a Zen-like state of mental clarity, effortlessly! 
Sounds crazy, eh? I didn't believe it either until someone in a workshop put them on my head while I was BLINDFOLDED. I could FEEL the shift and even saw it for myself as my EEG was being recorded!  
I want to share this experience with you!

This is your invitation to come in for a
p.ROSHI "Neurodynamic Activator"

It's the latest addition to our Edge NeuroFitness program...
Come in and see for yourself through the p.ROSHI Glasses how we can show your mind healthy brain waves and let it follow along, guiding you to a calm, focused state within minutes! 
"See the light!"

My daughter wears them during homework and says she can
finish in HALF THE TIME with increased focus and concentration!

Like a GPS for the brain, let the P.Roshi direct you to the meditative state of a Zen guru effortlessly!
p.ROSHI     GG Missy Pyle
For more info check out
See the stars trying them at the Golden Globes Gifting Suite!
Call 928-486-5414 today!

Stay tuned! Coming up next: p.ROSHI is not just for people...find out how it is helping pets!