Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Is This You?

         Is this YOU?                            THIS COULD BE YOU!
  stressed guy           Becky and Chuck
Looking for some peace of mind for the holidays?

Looking for that perfect gift for your family or special someone?

Did you know that wearing a high tech pair of LED light emitting glasses can navigate your brain toward focus, clarity, relaxation, stability and even a good night of sleep?

Well guess what? Chuck Davis, inventor and scientist extraordinaire has come up with a HOLIDAY SPECIAL on his p.ROSHI glasses....
Never before has he offered this device at a discounted price,
but for a limited time he's given me the green light to sell them at an unheard-of price I dare not even publish!
This is an awesome opportunity to invest in your brain health!
Want to give it a test drive or just chill out for a time? Call to schedule a session!

The Dis-Entrainment through Photostimulation.
Don't be fooled by "imposter" entrainment glasses...this is the real deal!

By sending specially calibrated flickering light through the eyes and into the brain, 
ROSHI In-Sight Glasses help "DisEntrain" the mind...
       freeing it from unhealthy cyclical patterns.

The brain attains a meditative "normalized" state in which it becomes totally at rest... 
yet attentive at the same time-similar to the brain of a Zen Master! This helps put you "In the Zone"-whether you are an Athlete, Businessperson, Doctor, Student, Bricklayer or simply a human being trying to cope with the pains and stresses of life, 
or those who stress us, LOL!

Roshi training may allow a person to improve the brain's ability to self-regulate.
Research indicates this training rebalances the brain by breaking unhealthy patterns of brain wave activity and by helping the brain to establish a healthy rhythm.
Once free of unhealthy patterns, the brain is able to rebalance itself and an individual may experience many improvements in their lives including:
  • Better sleep
  • Increased concentration and focus
  • Decreased impulsivity
  • Decreased mental chatter
  • Decreased moodiness or anger
  • Improved memory, reduced anxiety
  • Increased overall feeling of well-being!
This is like a GPS for the brain, folks, and can be used by the whole family, shared with friends, and even help our pets!
Hobie p.ROSHI  Tiger vs ROSHI    
Call or reply today for special limited-time only holiday pricing...
just ask for the "BRAIN SPA" package!
Think healthy, eat healthy, and stay well!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Foods vs. moods

As promised, here is the first in a series on how foods affect our moods...
What do foods have to do with our moods? 

At the chemical level, food is the brain's primary link to its environment and structure. Your diet affects the brain chemicals that influence your moods, thought processes, emotional reactions, and behavior...which ultimately creates the story of your life! Sounds kinda deep, but really, how many times have I mentioned that it all starts in your brain? Well it stands to reason this behooves us to consider "What are we feeding the brain?"
Fortunately, what you eat is within your power to control...your will power to control. The more you know about the food-brain connection, the more empowered you are to choose foods thatbenefit your brain.

Nutrients provide the biological building blocks for brain chemicals called neurotransmitters which affect how we think and feel. Neurotransmitters are chemicals made by the body (or not) that send signals from one nerve cell to another. It's like when you communicate on a cell phone. "Can you hear me now?" Without signal, you don't hear the voice or get the message. The same goes for your brain! You get the message or you don't...
Or maybe there is static on the radar, uh oh...

How are neurotransmitters made by the body? Our bodies make them from amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. brain w/o
Almost half of these proteins (9 out of 22 in adults, 13 of 22 in children) must come from food because the body cannot make them and the amount required depends on age and health. 
Do you want to feel good? 
Do you want your brain to hear its signals?

What kinds of signals? All of them! It all begins in your brain...signals for pleasure and happiness, touch, feeling and movement, memory, learning, arousal, calming, hunger, sleep, even autonomic nervous system functions like breathing, eye-blinking, heartbeat, temperature...everything!

When you don't eat enough "neuronutrients" or brain nutrients (vitamins, minerals, and related nutrients), your body cannot make adequate amounts of mood-enhancing neurotransmitters. Can you hear me now?

Has anyone ever called you a "FATHEAD"?
Find out in my next post why this is actually a COMPLIMENT, LOL:)
Think healthy, eat healthy, and stay well!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Feel better now

We've been looking at the effects of thinking on our feelings and health. Check out this recent article on how positive feelings affect cardiovascular health as well.
Imagery and positive thinking are great, then again, I don't know about you, but sometimes I just need to feel better now!!! 
The first step is to become aware of your feelings. A psychologist colleague of mine, Dr. Frank Tornatore, suggested doing frequent "check-ins" to scan your body and emotions. If any negativity or stress is found, then stop for a moment to intervene (with therelaxation responseprogressive relaxation, or deep breathing exercise) or re-evaluate thoughts as necessary, then turn it around before the feeling goes further... like so you are not a ticking time bomb of stress! 
Then check out and carry on in a better path. "Check in and check out," he says... frequently. 
So HOW do you stop and turn around adverse feelings, thoughts, emotions, etc.? 
Well here's something cool. Recently, someone gave me an audiobook by Kevin Trudeau called, "Your Wish is Your Command" in which he states we all have a genie within us to get what we want by sending out good vibrations, among other things. Really? It's controversial! There was some valuable information in this work, but personally, I lean toward prayer and goal-setting and accountability... every day! 
However, I did like chapter 8 when Kevin talked about a list of 20 ways to FEEL BETTER NOW.

He had some great practical tips on how to improve your mood and feelings, so you will begin to feel better, even quickly. It inspired me to start a little garden and even to play Mozart on the piano for the first time in almost 20 years. Bet you didn't know I could do that, eh? I was a closet pianist in my younger days, LOL :) 
So here's the list...I'm going to share it with you today before our next series on how FOODS affect your moods. Let me know which ideas are your favorites, I'd love to hear from you!
Think healthy, eat healthy, and stay well!
Many Blessings

Friday, May 11, 2012

It all starts in your...

It was so sad last week to hear the news of Junior Seau, former San Diego Chargers football player. Here's someone who could have benefited from some positive imagery and brain training as we have been exploring. 
Did you know that he is one of three former NFL players who committed suicide since February, 2011? 
It all starts in the brain... 
Experts connect depression to traumatic brain injury and concussions. The latest report is Seau's family is donating his brain to be studied by scientists.

Well how many people have had concussions? 

That would be ME after years of flying head first off horses and motorcycles! Trust me, it is no "accident" I "landed" on this career path...
Stuff like this makes you THINK! Think about what you are thinking about and know there is help for people whose brains are stuck in patterns that don't work! It's about a decrease in brain activity, which has been demonstrated on fMRI. Remember my background is in medical imaging, hence, I think about these things. Now, instead of scanning body parts and giving bad news, I show you how to tune up brain you can think better and feel better! The point is that thoughts lead you in a direction...positive or negative...mental and physical. And it all starts in different parts of your brain, running at different frequencies and just like with muscles, we can train it to be stronger. Through neurofeedback or "EEG Biofeedback" we show you where your brain is at (like looking in a mirror) and where it needs to go to do better. It's really that simple, and without the side effects of medication. How many people do you know who take meds and STILL don't feel better? 

For a free consult just give me a call at 928-486-5414 or check in with my affiliates serving Az. in Lake Havasu City by clicking here. 
There is hope, folks...through training, lifestyle change, supplementation, and proper nutrition, there is hope and here is some research to prove it!

Stay tuned... next we will take a look at how FOOD affects your moods...
Think healthy, eat healthy, and stay well!
think better

Thursday, May 10, 2012

No Worries!

We have been working on positive thoughts and imagery to relieve anxiety, stress, and prepare for upcoming events. It's no secret that thoughts lead to feelings which lead to actions. Thoughts and imagery can even bring forth physical manifestations. Check out this reply that came in from my friend Jack Miller, a Certified Traditional Naturopath.
"Very good info Becky. The opposite is true also. A non-recovering chronically ill person came to see me who perpetually lives in unhappy places. It doesn't even seem that the things this person and some others have gone through are horribly bad but they can recount those bad events in detail, which they do frequently. They live in a place of bad mental imagery and feel sorry for themselves that they had to go through something bad. Bad things are a part of life. I had some pretty rough things happen to me in my life. I won't get into that but the point is that I moved on and choose to focus on good things and a positive future. A few of these patients work on themselves constantly with emotional release therapies but they have been doing so for years and to me it becomes just an excuse to recall bad events over and over. There seems to be a need to do so. I need to learn more about what you do because I may want to send you some people. Do you ever do these sessions in LHC?"
Above is an example of someone who ruminates on negative outcomes to the point of physical disease. PTSD is an example of flashing back to traumatic events. Once again, this has its roots in the brain. One of the first things I do with my clients through EEG Biofeedback AKA 
neurofeedback is to help them calm down mentally...this offers tremendous relief from stress, anxiety, insomnia and eventually leads to improved focus and attention.
Did you know you can train your brain to calm, reduce perception of pain, sleep better, and focus? Really! That's good news!

Like Jack, do you want to learn more?
Here's some good news... I'm offering a FREE consultation! That's right, you can call, schedule an appointment or even Skype and we can determine how neurofeedback can help you or a loved one. There's also a bushel of information on my so you can get answers now.
Need a consult in Arizona? I'm there from time to time, but just send me a reply and I will forward you to my affiliate in Lake Havasu City.
Think healthy, eat healthy, and stay well!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Imagine Success!

In the last email, my colleague Dr. Hillel Mazansky, M.D. offered us a road map to find our "Happy Place" to relieve stress and anxiety. 

Have you ever stressed out over an upcoming event or performance? 

Well the good news is you can use imagery in preparation and rehearsal! Did you know that athletes use imagery? 
It's all about getting into "The Zone"...
Allowing yourself to run through the event SUCCESSFULLY       in your mind...

Now here are more pearls of wisdom from Dr. Mazansky, our guided imagery expert:

Aside from allowing you to rehearse mentally, imagery also allows you to practice in advance for anything unusual that might occur, so that you areprepared and already practiced in handling it. This is a technique used very commonly by top sports people, who learn good performance habits by repeatedly rehearsing performances in their imagination. When the unusual eventualities they have rehearsed using imagery occur, they have good, pre-prepared, habitual responses to them.
Imagery also allows you to pre-experience achievement of your goals, helping to give you the self-confidence you need to do something well. This is another technique used by successful athletes.

Wow! Now that's the competitive EDGE! When I was studying Exercise Physiology at CSUF years ago, we covered this in Sports Psychology. Because the game starts in your MIND! There is a mind-body connection. It all starts in your brain...that's the point of mental or NeuroFitness training to "Unlock Your Brain's Potential" and I'm here to share with YOU all the tools I have learned!

In my next post, I'll share with you a response that came in from another colleague about what can happen to you physically with continued rehearsal of negative thoughts and imagery...

For more information on Dr. Mazansky and his work, you can check out his website 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Imagine This!

We've all seen or experienced what happens when people get too stressed out.
Does that ever happen to you? Today's topic is about how to get to that "happy place" if even for a few take a little mental time-out for restoration, stress management, or healing! 
"But I just can't get there!"
Mental imagery is powerful and if you can THINK, you can do it!

Here are some tips (first in a two-part series) for "Imagery in Relaxation" from one of my colleagues, Dr. Hillel Mazansky, this is his specialty! Directions to the Happy Place, LOL

One common use of imagery in relaxation is to imagine a scene, place or event that you remember as safe, peaceful, restful, beautiful and happy. You can bring all your senses into the image with, for example, sounds of running water and birds, the smell of cut grass, the taste of cool white wine, the warmth of the sun, etc. Use the imagined place as a retreat from stress and pressure.

Scenes can involve complex images such as lying on a beach in a deserted cove. You may "see" cliffs, sea and sand around you, "hear" the waves crashing against rocks, "smell" the salt in the air, and "feel" the warmth of the sun and a gentle breeze on your body. Other images might include looking at a mountain view, swimming in a tropical pool, or whatever you want. You will be able to come up with the most effective images for yourself.

Other uses of imagery in relaxation involve creating mental pictures of stress flowing out of your body, or of stress, distractions and everyday concerns being folded away and locked into a padlocked chest.

Ahhh... I feel better already, do you? I want to go there!

For more information on Dr. Mazansky and his work, you can check out his website 

Dr. Mazansky
Stay up in this two part series is:
How to use imagery in preparation and rehearsal... 
To give you a competitive EDGE... Instead of worrying...because worrying is actually mental preparation for impending doom! Well we don't want to go THERE! 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Stress 1, Mel Gibson 0

Mel Gibson
Stress 1, Mel 0!
Stress won! OMG, do you think Mel lost it or what? Judging by the above video footage (click on link) it appears so...
Here's an example of what can happen when stress is allowed to build was the last straw for him.
Have you ever blown your top? I have! It's been a while though, because I paid attention to my body's cues that stress was getting to dangerously high levels (just go have lab work done!) I think Mel skipped this part. Have you?
Besides predisposing us to inappropriate behavioral outbursts such as the latest by MG, stress predisposes us to many health issues such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, depression, and even speeds the progression of HIV/AIDS. Exactly how stress causes and contributes to disease is a question of particular interest to researchers.
There are two likely pathways:
One is behavioral -- people under stress sleep poorly and are less likely to exercise; they adopt poor eating habits, smoke more and don't comply with medical treatment.
Stress also triggers a response by the body's endocrine systems, which release hormones that influence multiple other biological systems, including the immune system. Effects of stress on regulation of immune and inflammatory processes have the potential to influence depression, infectious, autoimmune, and coronary artery disease, and at least some (e.g., viral) cancers.

This video (link below) demonstrates how quickly, even at a young age, a person can become stressed. This also speaks to attachment issues.  

Stress increases your risk of developing disease but does not mean that just because you are exposed to stressful events you are going to get sick. I'm just pointing out that it behooves us to manage stress before it manages us!

So what's the take home here?
  • Take care of yourself
  • Manage your stress to prevent illness and/or raging, embarrassing outbursts of emotion!
  • Consider the effects of stress on interpersonal relationships
My gift to you today is a list of 101 Ways To Reduce Stress
And, of course, one of the most powerful ways to deal with stress and anxiety is by neurofeedback training! Check out my newly remodeled website... I put stress at the top of the home page because it is SO PREVALENT and SO CONNECTED to other health issues! 
(There are some way cool testimonials on there, too)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Does Your Pet Have Issues?

In my last post, I let you in on my secret brain tool...the p.ROSHI Neurodynamic Activator. 
A pair of glasses (there are four to choose from, actually) that flashes lights in a pattern that mimicshealthy brain activity. 

              Don't we all want to think better, feel better, and work better? 
     How about a little mental relaxation and being able to fall asleep easily at night? 

Well guess what? This device is not just for people, 
            it's even being used to help pets who have issues...

Does your pet have an issue? Like anxietystress, nervousness, PTSD, separation issues, aggression? Does your pet keep you awake at night?

Check out this amazing story of a woman who used the glasses to help her dog after it had a stroke...
Now here are a couple of my pet stories:
Meet Hobie, an 8 year old Boxer I adopted when he was 11 months old from the Western Arizona Humane Society in 2004. He had been abused and abandoned. He was quite edgy and highly distrusted any men, very skittish and would not go near strangers until he became very familiar with them over repeated visits. He made ME nervous because HE was always so nervous, pacing about the house in hypervigilance, even at night. So one day I had the idea that if these glasses could get ME to relax, maybe they would work on Hobie Dog.
I put the Magstim glasses over the top of his head. He gave me strange looks, then within minutes I felt his muscles relax. He sat down, heaved a sigh of relief, then laid down at my feet, closed his eyes, and rested peacefully for about 20 minutes! I did it again the next day, only he kept them on his head, I didn't have to hold them on...he liked it!
Well fast he is more relaxed, sleeps through the night, only takes a few minutes to warm up to new people! Everywhere I take him (just because I CAN now) people tell me what a great dog he is.Before, it was "What is wrong with that dog?" I even took the glasses with me to the vet in case he got nervous, he settled right down! The vet was amazed and now wants to try them on her own patients.
I also used them to help settle the horses. Last sumer Bo had a colic issue and was saved by emergency surgery. Ever since his return from the hospital he's been spooky and gets agitated easily, not like him. On advice from the p.ROSHI inventor, I put them in his stall at night and let the lights strobe on high so it looked like a disco in there. Lo and behold, both horses just stood and stared at the lights, heads hung low and relaxed, it put them to sleep! Well no more freaking out at stuff on the trail and they are getting along with one another much better now, whew!
There are a couple of funny cat stories, too...  I will post on my blog as soon as my friend sends me the photos we took (on her camera)...of this wild kitty taking a nap after being "Roshified!"
Well enough Dr. Doolittle stories! 
Sorry for the diversion, I just get so excited when I find things that make life better...I love to make a difference! Next time I will get back to nutrition and how it affects your brain health and all that stuff!  HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR TOPICS YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO COVER??? 

Also, please let me know if you have a pet who wants to try the glasses...or if YOU want to try them! Or your kids? My daughter's teacher called me a recently (Trust me, that old feeling came back, like, "oh no, what is it this time?" Have you ever gotten those bad calls from your child's teacher?) Only this time it was to ask me what we were doing because she is doing so much better in Spanish class! Her grade came up 10 points! Been getting A's on everything turned in since we tuned her up with the glasses and a couple more neurofeedback sessions. Life is good:)

Like a GPS for the brain, let the P.Roshi direct you to the 
meditative state of a Zen guru effortlessly!
For more info check out
See the stars trying them at the Golden Globes Gifting Suite!

Stay tuned for upcoming news from the Natural Products Expo...
including GMO, How do you know? Herbal Pharmacology, Andrew Weil's new book Be Happy Now, the latest from Dr. Michael Murray on stress, anxiety, and insomnia, and the hottest healthiest foods we found this year at the show!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Secret Tool

In my last post, I promised to let you in on my secret brain tool...this is it!

Do you wish you had a secret tool, like for when your brain is foggy and you need to think better? 
Or how about when your brain is going a hundred miles per hour thinking about all kinds of stuff when what you really need to do is get to sleep and stay asleep all night? 
     Imagine THIS...

A pair of glasses (there are four to choose from, actually) that flashes lights in a pattern that mimics healthy brain activity. Really! Your brain just follows the light and within a minute or two you experience a Zen-like state of mental clarity, effortlessly! 
Sounds crazy, eh? I didn't believe it either until someone in a workshop put them on my head while I was BLINDFOLDED. I could FEEL the shift and even saw it for myself as my EEG was being recorded!  
I want to share this experience with you!

This is your invitation to come in for a
p.ROSHI "Neurodynamic Activator"

It's the latest addition to our Edge NeuroFitness program...
Come in and see for yourself through the p.ROSHI Glasses how we can show your mind healthy brain waves and let it follow along, guiding you to a calm, focused state within minutes! 
"See the light!"

My daughter wears them during homework and says she can
finish in HALF THE TIME with increased focus and concentration!

Like a GPS for the brain, let the P.Roshi direct you to the meditative state of a Zen guru effortlessly!
p.ROSHI     GG Missy Pyle
For more info check out
See the stars trying them at the Golden Globes Gifting Suite!
Call 928-486-5414 today!

Stay tuned! Coming up next: p.ROSHI is not just for people...find out how it is helping pets!

Monday, March 5, 2012

When Sugar is Not So Sweet

Do any of you receive Dr. Mercola's email newsletter? I read this one today...

He's picking on sugar again! Ok folks, I have a sweet tooth, I love cookies:) The cravings are getting better with efforts to find alternative snacks and naturally sweet foods and here we have another reminder of why sugar is really not so "sweet!" Ugh! Have any of you read the book Sugar Blues by William Duffy? Someone recommended it to me a while back but I have not checked it out yet.
By the way, I received my copy of Daniel Amen's new book Use Your Brain to Change Your Age mentioned last week, did you order it yet? If not, click here! It's at the top of my list of things to do this weekend! I want to look young:) So I will use my brain and eat less am I going to do that?

Well to start with I will read the book, and then will bust out the products I received in another package this week (sounds almost like Christmas, eh?) from a STEVIA distributor!  In case you never heard of it, stevia is a natural, calorie-free sweetener made from a leaf. 
The Natural Products Expo is coming up in two weeks so someone sent me a goodie box of stevia products and piles of recipes to check out, woohoo! Stay tuned for upcoming reports! And by all means, if you have any questions or are looking for something healthy, let me know and I'll add it to my mission.

In my next email, you will learn about my secret tool for dealing with sugar cravings, stress, and any other mental challenge life throws my way...don't miss it!

Why do I share this stuff? Because I am a health promoter and I want you to live a long and healthy life! 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Primal Nutrition

Here is a piece of food for thought on nutrition. On Saturday, I went to a lecture presented by Nora Gedgaudas, author of the book, Primal Body, Primal Mind. 
Wow! I learned a lot. It took a while to condense 8 hours of information, but here goes...

According to Dr. Mark Steinberg, PhD, clinical neuropshychologist and author of ADD: The 20 Hour Solution, Nora's book is a nutritional treasure map leading to optimal wellness, the way nature intended. She provides guidelines for shopping and eating in ways that will eliminate a host of physiological and mental disorders.

She began by taking a look at where our dietary requirements originated. Our bodies are 99% genetically similar to those of people from the Paleolithic Era, thousands of years ago. We were designed to be omnivorous, to eat meat, and burn on ketosis. In other words, we need to consume protein and fat...but in today's society, especially as recommended by the US RDA, we consume mostly carbohydrates and way too much sugar!

Blood sugar surges are enormously destabilizing! There is nothing more stabilizing to the brain than dietary fat (which is even-burning like putting a large log on a fire) and nothing more de-stabilizing than carbohydrates (which is like putting kindling on a fire and requires constant feeding). Are you hungry all the time?

So many people, myself included, scrutinize labels for fat content yet this is not the culprit. We need lipids to synthesize hormones, cell membranes and for other body functions such as nervous system stability. It is critical to brain formation of infants and children, teens, making up almost 80% of the brain's content. Did anyone ever call you a fathead? That's a compliment, sweetie, LOL! You can't have a healthy brain w/o cholesterol.

The foods we crave the most are probably causing us the most problems. 
She especially emphasized the issue of gluten sensitivity (wheat, semolina, graham, barley, rye, and even in processed oats and many other processed foods).
Gluten sensitivity and celiac disease is on the rise up to 400% and go largely undiagnosed,with only about 1% of the population currently identified. Problem is lab testing is quite unreliable. She did, however give us the website of a lab that has reliable results.

It boils down to this...
The best psychological training and counseling, even the best pharmaceuticals (and nobody has a deficiency of Lipitor or Prozac, folks!) will not put a nutrient in your body or brain, WE NEED RAW MATERIALS TO FUNCTION!!!
It's no fun being a prisoner in your own nervous system...nutritional deficiencies have been shown to cause numerous issues with cognitive and nervous system function!
In fact, most hormonal and glandular issues such as adrenal fatigue and low thyroid have roots in faulty signals and rhythms from the brain, which tells the factory what to do. This is a major shift in thinking folks, but I'm here to tell you there is another way to approach disease...from a holistic perspective!

Ok, this is long enough, I must respect your time and here is a link to Nora's
Her background is very similar to mine, her father was a radiologist (I was a CT/MRI tech turned health educator), she studied nutrition, and finally became a neurofeedback practicioner after she found healing which resulted from her own neurofeedback training. I'm not the only one! 
I even have her book for sale on my website

I'll conclude with this quote: Emerging findings suggest that dietary factors play major roles in determining whether the brain ages successfully or experiences a neurodegenerative disease.
-Mark P. Mattison, Ph.D., "Gene-Diet Interactions in Brain Aging and Neurodegenerative Disorders," Annals of Internal Medicine, 2003

I'm in the process of compiling a list of supplements to promote good brain health and function, having consulted with Nora, Dr. Michael Murray, and Dr. Daniel Amen. I invite you to send me a reply and let me know if you are interested in this information or have any questions.
And don't forget to check in to for the latest organic nutrition info and for articles on brain health!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Happy Valentine's Day!
For days I've been trying to draft the perfect healthy Valentine...but struggling! Like what is healthy about a big sugar rush? Rather than depressing you all with yet another study linking what we eat to how we think and feel, I took another approach...

YES! I found it possible to be healthy and enjoy a Valentine treat or two!
Check out this article on NUTRITIOUS FOODS OF LOVE!!! 
Strawberries, dark chocolate, seafood, carrots, pineapple, and almonds may get you into the mood for love!
Here's a photo I pulled out of the archives, does anyone remember seeing this? 
It's Organic Produce Gal's version of a healthy Valentine platter:)


More food for thought... 
According to Discovery Health, the aphrodisiac qualities of exercise are associated with the endorphins that are released in the brain with vigorous activity -- like the runner's high. 

Now here's some good news... (taken from his official press release!)
Today, Valentine's Day, marked the official release of Dr. Daniel Amen's new book 
                Use Your Brain to Change Your Age
Secrets to Look, Feel, and Think Younger Every Day

Dr. Amen's breakthrough, easy-to-follow anti-aging program shows you how to:

∙ Boost your memory, mood, attention and energy
∙ Decrease your risk for Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia
∙ Eat to live long
∙ Reduce the outward signs of aging and make your skin more beautiful
∙ Promote the healing of brain damage due to injury, strokes, substance abuse, and   toxic exposure
∙ Make better, healthier decisions
∙ Dramatically increase your chances of living longer and looking younger
And much more.
By adopting the brain healthy strategies detailed in Use Your Brain to Change Your Age, you can outsmart your genes, put the brakes on aging, and even reverse the aging process. If you change your brain, you can change your life-and your age.

I ordered my copy today, click here to get yours at half off the cover price!
That was MY VALENTINE, I will share with you, because I LOVE to share about health and fitness...
                    HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Finding Joy

Just wanted to share two things with you today...

Been out of touch since I got involved with this awesome project, sharing brain fitness with celebrities and the media at the DPA Gifting Suite for the Golden Globes!

Here's a little glimpse of what we did as seen on the NBC News in LA!/entertainment/television/Stars-Swag-Bags-and-Goodies/137282968

As you know, I am a health educator on a mission to share wellness and that's what I did!
But it's not about me, it's about YOU!

Here's a little something I found on Facebook this morning...
A short 3 minute clip worth the viewing time to share some joy...

We could all use a little joy each day
It's good for your health!

Stay tuned, I have some important news to share about nutrition coming up...